The Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World 20th Annual Conference Estes Park, Colorado • July 2013

History of the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World

SPCW was founded in August 1993 by philosophers who had gathered at the very edge of Rocky Mountain National Park for a conference on "The Community, the Family, and Culture." Exhilarated by the unique combination of stimulating philosophy, good fun and fellowship permeating the conference, they resolved to expand these opportunities by creating SPCW as a nonprofit, democratically organized Society.

Our founding members include scholars - women and men - from analytical, Continental, American, multicultural, and post-modern traditions. Forty-nine presentations were made at the 1994 Annual conference on "Philosophy and Cultural Diversity in Estes Park, Colorado.

As a society, we are committed to the application of philosophy to understanding and solving contemporary social problems broadly conceived. At the same time, we are equally committed to a continuing dialogue about the best ways philosophy might be applied in the contemporary world. Hence, SPCW promotes work in applied philosophy, philosophy and public policy, philosophy of the professions, race, and gender studies, environmental philosophy, educational philosophy, and a range of multicultural issues.

SPCW Schedule

Friday, July 19

4:00-4:10 Welcome

Panel on Conflict and Politics (4:10-5:50) Panel Chair: Rob Metcalf

4:10-5:00 “Politics of the Straw Man” Karin Fry

5:00-5:50 “A Defense of Two-Party Politics” Howard Ponzer


8:00 Invited Lecture: Paul Churchill Chair: Trudy Conway

One of the founders of SPCW

Saturday, July 20

Panel on Environmentalism, Thinking, and Education (9:00-10:30) Chair: Charlie Harvey

9:00-9:45 “Finding Agreement among Environmentalists” Jack Weir

9:45-10:30 “Ecological Imagination in Education: Steven Fesmire

American Pragmatism and the Kyoto School”

Coffee Break

Panel on Death and Mourning (10:45-12:15) Chair: Joe Jones

10:45-11:30 “Of Mourning and Memory” Janet Donohoe

11:30-12:15 “Death and the Colonial Difference” Carlos Sanchez


Critique of Institutions I—Universities, Nation-States (1:30-3:10) Chair: Jeremy Wisnewski

1:30-2:20 “The Ethics of Tenuous Faculty” Chris Nagel

2:20-3:10 "Anarchism, Cosmopolitanism, and Andy Fiala

Global Justice”

Break, 3:10-3:30 Critique of Inst. II—Extraction Industries, Prisons (3:30-5:10) Chair: Andy Fiala

3:30-4:20 “The Good Ol’ Boy Extraction Club: The Wendy Lee

Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal

Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast

Cancer is the Canary in the Fracking Coal Mine)”

4:20-5:10 “Thinking Beyond Prisons: Feminism, Sarah Tyson

Violence, and Mass Incarceration”

Dinner—cook out!

Evening Walk into Moraine Park (follow path near the cook-out area)

Sunday, July 21

Panel on Addiction and Psychotherapy (9:30-12:00) Chair: Janet Donohoe

9:30-10:20 “A New Way of Thinking about Addiction” Candice Shelby

10:20-11:10 “Grounding Psychotherapy in Heidegger’s Travis Anderson

Communal Being”

11:10-12:00 “Unconscious Ambivalence” Caroline Meline


Panel on Liberalism, Equality, and Normative Ontology (1:15-3:45) Chair: Carlos Sanchez

1:15-2:05 “Rethinking Liberalism” Peter Mehl

2:05-2:55 “Equality as Transitory Teleology” Eric Brown

2:55-3:45 "Normativity and Ontology: Hegel and Oz Blaker

Ethical Life as Actual Reason"

Break, 3:45-4:00

Panel on Disabilities, Human Dignity (4:00-5:40) Chair: Wendy Lee

4:00-4:50 “Ethics and Intellectual Disability: Heather Keith

Pluralist Philosophies for the Many Dimensions

of Quality of Life”

4:50-5:40 "The Concept of Human Dignity in the David Chan

Bioethics of Genetic Research"


8:00-9:00 Dialogue: “Life’s Worth” Ray Kolcaba

Cast: Narrator: Eileen Churchill

Nonette Naturski: Kathy Kolcaba

Fortran McCyborg: Joe Jones

Sophia Naturski:

Becket Geist: Ray Kolcaba

Monday, July 22

Group Outing—depart 9:00 a.m.

Lunch (Sack Meals)

Return to YMCA of the Rockies by 1:30

Panel on Philosophy and Race (2:00-3:40) Chair: David Chan

2:00-2:50 “W.E.B. Du Bois, American Democracy, Joseph Orosco

and the Idea of Racial Group Contribution”

2:50-3:40 “From Philosophy of Race to Antiracist Politics” David Craig

Winner of the SPCW Prize for a Graduate Student Paper

Break, 3:40-4:00

Panel on The Case of the Animals versus Man (4:00-5:30) Chair: Travis Anderson

4:00-4:45 “The Question of Religious Diversity in Richard McGregor

10th Century Iraq"

4:45-5:30 “Ontological Superiority and Animal Katharine Loevy



Panel: Virtue at Twilight (8:00-9:30) Chair: Joseph Orosco

8:00-8:50 “The Self that Recedes: A Phenomenology Jeremy Wisnewski

of Virtue”

8:50-9:40 “Towards a Satisfactory Account of Citizen Angela Wentz Faulconer


Tuesday, July 23

Panel on Sports and Possibility, Names, and Things (9:30-11:10) Chair: David Craig

9:30-10:20 "Underdogs, Upsets, and Overachievers: Jeff Fry

Meditations on Sports and Possibility"

10:20-11:10 “Mistaking Names for Things” George Teschner



Panel on Perception, Recognition, and the Ethico-Political (1:30-4:00) Chair: Jeff Golub

1:30-2:20 "Perception kata sumbebekos as Thematic Jeff Golub

Perception in Husserl's Logical Investigations VI"

2:20-3:10 “Hegel’s Reproductive Issues: On the Christian Matheis

Abusive Consequences of Seeking Recognition”

3:10-4:00 “Neo-Durkheimianism?: Alain Badiou Geoff Pfeifer

and the Subject of Politics”

Break Out the Drinks, 4:00

Food Constraints

The YMCA will provide food and beverages, but we understand that some foods may contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to guests. We want to make your visit as comfortable as possible, so please let us know if you have any food allergies or constraints, e.g., vegetarian, vegan, Celiacs, etc.

Please inform Rachel Shanahan (Graduate Assistant) upon check-in, and she will make a note of any accommodations you need.

Driving Directions to Estes Park Center from Denver International Airport

Estes Park Center 2515 Tunnel Road Estes Park, CO 80511

* Note: There are tolls for E-470 NORTH

 Exit airport via Pena Blvd.
 Take #6B/E-470 NORTH onto E-470 NORTH toward Fort Collins* (17.5 mi)
 Take exit #47 onto I-25 NORTH toward Fort Collins* (15.5 mi)
 Exit at #243 toward Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park (0.4 mi)
 Turn left on CO-66 WEST (15.7 mi)
 Turn left onto Main Street, follow signs for US-36 WEST (0.2 mi)
 Continue to follow US-36 W/CO-66 W/W Main St./5th Ave (20.2 mi)
 Turn left on E. Elkhorn Ave./Big Thompson Ave. (0.4 mi)
 Turn left on Moraine Ave./CO-66 W/US-36 W (1.7 mi)
- Continue in the right hand lane around curve (by Big Slide and Doughnut Haus)
- Drive straight through Mary's Lake Rd. Intersection and stay in the left lane.
- US-36 becomes CO-66
- Look for signs. Estes Park Center entrance will be on your right-hand side.

Estes Park Shuttle

Phone: 970-488-9950 Website:

Discount Code: “Philosophy”


Round-Trip $85 per person, One Way $45 per person (without discounts)

Children 2 and under ride free

Cancellations will be refunded with 24 hour notice

Credit cards recommended, drivers do not carry change


From DIA: Shuttle will be on level 5 (baggage claim) on the EAST side, outside of door 511, on Island 2 (under the Mountain Carriers sign). *Please be sure you exit door 511, NOT 510 or 512. The number should be blue. If you see numbers that are red, and even, you are on the west side.

Shuttles arrive 15 min. before departure time

To DIA: Will pick up at YMCA. Shuttle service also picks up at other various hotels and locations.

Be ready for pickup ½ hour before departure time


The drive usually takes 1 ½ to 2 hours. Please plan on the full 2 hours when making travel arrangements. The trip is part highway, and approximately 40 minutes of winding mountain roads. The distance is about 80 miles. The twenty miles closest to Estes Park is a mountain climb of about three thousand feet to a final elevation of 7,522 feet.


DIA to Estes Park Estes Park to DIA
8:00 AM 5:00 AM
10:00 AM 7:00 AM
1:00 PM 10:00 AM
4:00 PM 1:00 PM
7:00 PM 4:00 PM
10:00 PM 7:00 PM