Chair:Christian Matheis, Virginia Tech --

SPCW @ 2017 Eastern APA -- Call for Papers:

Panel: “Liberation as First Philosophy”

The Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World invites abstracts on the general topic of “liberation as first philosophy” as part of a panel at the 2017 Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association.

We seek philosophical work that investigates philosophy’s origins and uses as liberatory, and we have special interest in papers that foster conversations among unconventional, burgeoning, and conventional or mainstream subfields including discussions of liberation in the contexts of metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, ethics, political philosophy, etc. We strongly encourage papers on historically marginalized facets of philosophy, such as race, feminism, disabilities, gender identity/expression, sexuality, poverty, immigration and refugees, and so forth.

Some suggested themes:

  • Reasoning, rationality, and emancipation
  • Sophistry, dogma, and belief
  • Epistemologies of liberation
  • Pain, suffering, indignity, and oppression
  • Liberating consciousness
  • Solidarity, coalitions, and social movements
  • Oppression, hegemony, and fascism
  • Religion, spirituality, and theology
  • Indigeneity and liberation
  • Liberation in ancient and/or medieval philosophy
  • Science, philosophy, and liberation
  • Distributive justice, liberalism, and economies
  • Awe, wonder, beauty, disgust, and aesthetics of liberation
  • Alterity and emancipation of the other

Send abstracts between 250-300 words to Christian Matheis at by Friday, March 21st, 2016.