SPCW, 16th Annual Conference July 18th-23rd, 2009

Pine Lake, New York


Saturday, July 18th 6:30 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Sunday, July 19h

9:00-10:30 Theme: ÒWhither Liberal Arts?Ó


Peter Mehl

ÒEducating for Life: Liberal Arts and the Human SpiritÓ


Donald Poochigian

ÒScience as a Human Endeavor: On the Odd Bifurcation of Science and the HumanitiesÓ


10:30-10:45: BREAK




Aisha Rees

ÒRevolutionary Islam: A Self-Cultivating Identity through EducationÓ


Stanley Konecky

ÒBasic Questions of Ethics and Moral EducationÓ


12:15-1:30: LUNCH




Karin Fry

ÒThe Need for an Inclusive Secularism in the United StatesÓ


Christopher Collins

ÒMulticulturalism, Metaphysics and Alain LockeÕs Post-Metaphysical AlternativeÓ


3:00-3:15:  BREAK




Mark Sanders

ÒDeliberative Democratic CitizenshipÓ


Levente Szentkiralyi

ÒLockean Political Theory & Eminent Domain: An Allowance for Takings?Ó


Jen Lonergan

ÒGadamer, Originalism, and the ConstitutionÓ





Monday, July 20th 9:00-10:30


Robert Stolorow

ÒPortkeys, Resurrective Ideology, and Collective TraumaÓ


Joshua Simmonds, TITLE


10:30-10:45: BREAK




Wendy L. Lee

ÒThe Uses and Abuses of Reproductive Technologies: Charting a Feminist Response to the Future of Reproductive TechnologyÓ


Dr. Howard Ponzer

ÒObama, Change, and Gender EqualityÓ


12:15-1:30: LUNCH




Aaron Lercher

ÒHealth Care Prioritization and AutonomyÓ


Benjamin Rider

ÒThe Ethics of Superlongevity: Should We Cure Death?Ó


3:00-3:15:  BREAK




David Chan

ÒMorality and Decisions on the GroundÓ


Liam Harte

Could New Terrorism Exist? A Philosophical Critique of the ÒExpert Analysis.Ó


Nicolas McGinnis

ÒMerleau-Ponty and InterrogationÓ



DINNER 6pm Tuesday, July 21st 9:00-10:30


Caroline Meline

ÒIs it Natural or Unnatural to Follow the Golden Rule?Ó


Paul Wilson

ÒThe Luck of the DrawÓ


10:30-10:45: BREAK




George A. Teschner

ÒSaussure and the Metalinguistics of Ancient TaoismÓ


Sarah McCulley

ÒDavidsonÕs Semantical Primitives and Why They Cannot WorkÓ


12:15-1:30: LUNCH




Ralph D. Ellis

ÒThe Phenomenology of Alexithymia as a Clue to the Intentionality of EmotionÓ


Aline M. Ramos

ÒScientific revolutions and the crisis of science: an examination of historicity and its role for the scientific community according to Thomas Kuhn and Edmund HusserlÓ


3:00-3:15:  BREAK




Peter G. Res, ÒThe Retrieval of Authentic CareÓ


Joe Frank Jones, III

ÒHeidegger and the Aporia of Beginnings and Endings: Breaking the Chains of 8. Phenomenological DeconstructionÓ


Janet Donohoe

ÒThe Place of HomeÓ




8 PM Business Meeting


Wednesday, July 22nd




Jeffrey P. Fry

ÒGluttons for SportÓ


Ileana F. Szymanski

ÒPhilosophy of Food: how our choices with respect to food create habits that can be mirrored in the choices we make to find happiness in every-day lifeÓ



10:30-10:45: BREAK




Meg Lonergan

ÒDialogue for Socrates and FreudÓ


Edward J. Grippe

ÒA Platonic Challenge to Homeric Justice and Machiavellian Political Assumptions: A Socratic Therapy for Contemporary TimesÓ


Joseph Martire

ÒMorally Justified Conduct in Relation to Religious Belief and Political AssociationÓ



1:00: LUNCH



Time to explore Pine Lake (swimming, hiking, ropes course, etc)




Thursday, July 23rd



Todd Jones

ÒCustoms canÕt be causalÓ


Mark Sentesy

ÒParts of the Word or Parts of the Machine? The Concept of Things in Greek and 35. Modern Natural PhilosophyÓ Todd Kesselman

ÒOn the Secular SacredÓ