Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary WorldPreliminary Program Schedule

Posted July 2006  

Saturday, July 22 6:30 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks (Trudy Conway)


7:00 p.m.




Sunday, July 23 9:00-10:30


Oladele Balogun

“The Relevance of Philosophy to African Thought”


James King

“Lying Beside Truth: The Tragedy of Lying or Do You Lie to the Nazi?”




Howard Ponzer

“Hegel’s Speculative Idealism: A Return to Realism”


Rob Metcalf

“Nietzsche’s Inner Christian”



LUNCH 2:00-2:45


Ramona Ilea

“Philosophy’s Impact in the Public Domain: Animal Ethics and the Use of Examples”





Sunday, Cont.



Panel Discussion


Trudy Conway, Ralph Ellis, and Karen Bardsley




Monday, July 24




Jeremiah Conway

“The Humor of Philosophy”


David Chan

“Faith and Leadership”




Jeremy Wisnewski

“Marcuse, Wittgenstein, and the Critique of Social Practice”


Roger Paden

“Meanings and Worldviews: On Interpreting Wittgenstein”



LUNCH 2:00-2:45


Andy Fiala

“Playing with Plato’s Dove: Anarchy, Peace, and Philosophy”




Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 25 9:00-10:30


Janet Donohoe

“Tradition in Crisis: Benjamin, Heidegger, Husserl and the Primacy of Space”


George Teschner

“Terrorism and the Phenomenology of Understanding”





P. Eddy Wilson

“Ethical Experts and Socratic Irony”


Michael Krom

“The Relevance of Contemplation: Aristotle on the Philosopher and the Common Good”


Afternoon Trip—Rafting  

Wednesday, July 26 9:00-10:30


Paul Haught

“Explicating Wonder as a Humean Environmental Virtue”


Jack Weir

“Casuistry and Intuitionism: Old and New Friends”








Wednesday, Cont.




Michael Krausz

“From Elucidation to Edification”


Noel Boulting

“On the Question ‘Is Life Worth Living?’ or Does it Depend Upon the Liver?”


LUNCH 2:00-3:30


Roundtable Discussion: “The Public or Political Relevance of Philosophy”




Thursday, July 27 9:00-10:30


Chris Chapman

“Exploration of a Contractarian Procedure for Participatory Design”


Eric Thomas Weber

“Who Wants to Read a Handbook”