Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary WorldPreliminary Program Schedule

31 March 2005  


Wednesday, July 13 6:30 p.m.


Welcome and Opening Remarks (Joe Jones)



Thursday, July 14 9:00-10:30


Ed Grippe

“Plato on Helping Friends and Harming Enemies”


Noel Boulting

“Aristotle’s Account of Virtue’s Acquisition: An Implication”




Sharon Kaye

“Playing Along: Ockham, Kierkegaard and the Demands of True Friendship”


John Scott Gray

“Same-Sex Marriage in Hegel’s Philosophy”


LUNCH 2:00-2:45


P. Eddy Wilson

“Talented Moral Monsters”




Panel Discussion (?)




Friday, July 15




David Chan

“Falling from Virtue: Natural Goodness and Human Nature”


Ralph Ellis

“Conscious Will, Moral Agency and Some Contemporary Psychological Accounts: A Reply to Dennett and Wegner with Help from Jeannerod”




Paul Haught

“Toward a Humean Environmental Virtue Ethic: An Explication of Humility”


Brian Ribiero

“Hume’s Mitigated Skepticism and Intellectual Humility”


LUNCH 2:00-2:45


Roger Paden

“Wittgenstein on Ethics and Architecture”




Business Meeting





Saturday, July 16 9:00-10:30


Mark Sanders

“The Practical-Ambiguous Subject: Coping in and with the World”


Iddo Landau

“Values, Interests, and Androcentricity”




Jeffrey Fry

“Faith, Hope and Love in Sports”


Open slot


Afternoon Trip  

Sunday, July 17 9:00-10:30


Paul Churchill

“On Being Virtuously Loyal or Admirably Disloyal”


Jill Hernandez

“On the Impossibility of Morally (vicious) Worthy Actions”




Joe Jones

“Animism and the Ancients”


Andy Brown

“The Evolving World Crisis and the Contemporary Worldview in Flux”






Jose-Antonio Orosco

“Defending the Great Community: Royce’s Concept of Humanitarian Intervention”


Ramona Ilea

“Capabilities Approach and Non-human Animals”



Monday, July 18 9:00-10:30


Barbara La Bossiere

“The Limits of Tort Liability in the United States and Class Action Justice”


Chris Chapman

“Neglected Aspects of Writing”