SPCW 2003 Conference - Santa Fe, New Mexico Saturday, July 19th. 4.00 - Arrival at St. John's College

Registration: 4.00-6.00 p.m.

Sunday, July 20

8.00 Registration

8.30 Welcome and Introduction

9.00 Noel Boulting (NoBoSS) "Ought Hobbes's NCM be Represented as a PD"

Resp. Chris Whidden (Northern Illinois University)


10.25 Chris Whidden (Northern Illinois University) "The Two Fold Limitation of

Geometrical Reasoning in Hobbes's Leviathan" Resp. Noel Boulting (NoBoSS)


1.30 Barbara La Bossiere (California State Univ.) ÒWhen the Law is not oneÕs Own: The

Case for Civil DisobedienceÓ Resp. Siegfried Van Duffel (Ghent Univ.)


2.55 Liam Monahan (Notre Dame University) ÒSelf Critical Reflection in and of the

Deliberative ModelÓ Resp. Barbara La Bossiere (California State Univ.)


7.00 Chris Herrera "Intellectually and Socially Responsible Philosophy"

Resp. Liam Monahan (Notre Dame University)


8.15 Social


Monday, July 21

Two Papers on the Philosophy of Mind

9.0        Chienchih Chi (Buffalo Univ.) ÒAs A General Term Phenomenal Property Has No

Ontological StatusÓ Resp. John-Michael Kuczynski (             )


10.25 John-Michael Kuczynski (                 ) ÒTwo Arguments Against the Cognitivist

Theory of the Emotions   Resp. Deborah Heikas (Ala-Huntsville Univ.)


1.30  Siegfried Van Duffel (Ghent Univ. Law School) "A tension in William of

Ockham's theory of Natural Rights" Resp. Steven Shroeder (Roosevelt Univ.)


2.55 Steven Shroeder (Roosevelt Univ., Chicago) "Only As Secure as Strangers: On

Being Citizens of This Place, Now" Resp. Chris Chapman (Microsoft Corp.)


4.20 Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 22 TRIP

Wednesday, July 23


9.0        Michael Buckley "Rawlsian Constructivism: From Critical Judgments to Fundamental

Orientating Ideas" (Emory Univ.) Resp. Steven Shroeder (Roosevelt Univ.)


10.15 Noel Boulting (NoBoSS) "Socrates on Breaking the Law"

Resp. Siegfried Van Duffle (Ghent Univ. Law School)


1.30 Jeremiah Conway (Southern Maine Univ.) "Philosophy as Power"

Resp. Chris Whidden (Northern Illinois Univ.)


2.55 Sigrid Sterckx (Ghent Univ. Belgium) "A Critique of the Utilitarian Argument for the

Patent System from the U.S." Resp. Chris Chapman (Microsoft Corp.)


4.20 Andrew Fiala (Wisconsin Univ.)


7.00 Group Dinner


Thursday, July 24 Two Papers in the Philosophy of Mind 9.00 Augusta Gooch (Ala-Huntsville Univ.) ÒConsciousness as a Natural KindÓ Resp. Andrew

Fiala (Wisconsin Univ.)?


10.25 Murray Gordon (Calhoun Comm. College) ÒNature and Violence in GroupsÓ Resp. Stuart

Lewin (Missouri River Citizens Inc.)?


1.30 Katie Padgett (Northwestern Univ.) "Two Tendencies in Debates on

Multiculturism" Resp. Murray Gordon (                       )


2.55 Joe Frank Jones (Barton College, North Carolina) "The Use and Misuse of

Transcendental Phenomena" Resp. Noel Boulting (NoBoSS)


4.20 Chris Chapman (Microsoft Corp.) "Networks and Embedded Knowledge"

Resp. Joe Frank Jones (Barton College, Wilson, Carolina)?