SPCW 2002 ConferenceSanta Fe, New Mexico

Sunday, July 21 4:00 – Arrival at St. John’s College Registration – 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Monday, July 22 8:30   Registration

9:00   Welcome and Introduction

9:30    Lani Roberts (Oregon State University) “A Feminist Critique of Moral Relativism”

10:30  Trudy Conway “Nussbaum’s Cosmopolitanism: Contingencies That Matter” (Mount Saint Mary’s College MD)

1:00    Andrew Fiala (University of Wisconsin) “Toleration and the Limits of the Moral Imagination”

2:00    Joseph Orosco (Oregon State University) – “La Democracia Cosmica: Participatory Democracy in Rendon’s Chicano Manifesto”

3:00    Social

Tuesday, July 23 9:30    Patrick Hayden (Northwestern State University) “Humanitarian Injustice and Moral Obligations”

10:30  Siegfried Van Duffel (Gehnt University, Belgium) “Natural Rights and Individual Sovereignty”

1:00    Christopher Framarin (University of New Mexico) “Character and Judgement”

2:00    Steven Schroeder  (Roosevelt University) “Notes Toward a Philosophy of Nonviolence: A City in Which Violence Is Not Necessary”

4:00    Business Meeting – Joe Frank Jones, Chair

Wednesday, July 24 TRIP Bandelier National Monument, where we will crawl around on and in the cave dwellings, leaving St. John’s at 8:30 AM. There are other opportunities available that day and evening, as you can see below.

Thursday, July 25 9:00    Ralph Ellis (Clark Atlanta University) “Image of the Self and Narcissism”

10:00  Joe Frank Jones (Barton College) “A Phenomenological Analysis of Police Corruption”

11:00  Charles Harvey (University of Central Arkansas) “Generalized Eros: A Problem of Limited Resources”

2:00    Edward Ragsdale (Los Angeles) “Gestalt Theory, Relativism, and the Dance of Truth and Blindness”

3:00    Cynthia Townley (Nevada) “Trust and the Curse of Cassandra”

4:00    Edward Grippe  (Connecticut) “Consequentialism, Negative Responsibility, and Rationality in a Post 9/11 America”

7:00    Group Dinner

Friday, July 26 9:00    David Chan (University of Wisconsin) “Human Dignity and the Human Genome”

10:00  Pam Racansky (Oregon State University) “Understanding Cultural Competence and its Need in the Western World”

11:00  Chris Chapman (Seattle)“Designing Software Ethics”

2:00    Rob Loftis (Auburn University)“Three Problems for the Aesthetic Foundations of Environmental Ethics”

3:00    Ron Sandler (Southern Illinois University)  “Culture and the Specification of Environmental Virtue”

4:00    Noel Boulting (England) “Utopian Aspirations Without Utopia: Vichian Paradoxes”

Saturday, July 27 8:30    Jonathan Ellsworth (Chicago) “The Art of Living and the Love of Wisdom: A Response to Nehamas”

9:30    Rick Furtak (Chicago)“The Concept of Absurdity in the Work of Albert Camus: Historical Misunderstandings and Contemporary Applications”

10:30  Patricia Thompson (CUNY)“Fatal Abstractions:  A Hestian/Hermean Perspective on Love and Work”