Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World8th Annual Conference - July 23-27, 2001 St. John College -- Santa Fe, New Mexico Monday, July 23

Arrival in Santa Fe 2:00-3:00 p.m.   Registration

3:00-5:00           Open Group Discussion:

What is the role and significance of philosophy in the contemporary world?

5:00-6:00              Reception Tuesday, July 24 9-10:30

Courtney E. Cole Afrikaner Claims for Cultural Recognition: Problematizing the Western Discourse of Multiculturalism

Eddy Souffrant Unnatural Acts


Krassimir Stojanov Cosmopolitan Identities as an Issue of the Philosophy of Education

Dawn Jakubowski Beyond Cultural Survival: Transforming Subjectivity

Lunch 2:00-4:15

Mary Kate McGowan, Pornography and the Power to Subordinate

Marguerite La Caze, The Encounter Between Wonder and Generosity


Business Meeting -- Stiv Fleishman, Chair

Wednesday, July 25


Panel Discussion

Trudy Conway, Jerry Conway, Lani Roberts:

Compassion: Possibilities, Limits, and Barriers


Ana Lita, (NO SHOW)

Aesthetic Perception and Moral Change in Iris Murdoch’s Ethics

James B. Sauer, Why Is A River More than the Water that Runs Through It?: On the Inherent Value of Ecological Systems

Lunch Afternoon Group Activity: Hike??


Film and Discussion: Trudy Conway

Thursday, July 26


John Draeger,

Social Practice from an Emotional Point of View

Suzanne Cataldi, Making a Game of Killing: Fantasy, Reality and the Violence at Columbine High School


George A. Teschner,

Technology, Time, and the Holocaust

Frank W. Derringh, Is Coerced Fertility Reduction to Preserve Nature Justifiable?

Lunch 2:00-4:15

Edward J. Grippe,

Socrates, Plato, and the Tao

Guang-rui Lu, The Truth of Western Music, Philosophy, and Contemporary Chinese Symphonies

Michael Krausz, Making Music: Beyond Intentions


Matthew L. Williamson, (NO SHOW)

Nietzsche’s Intention: A Historical View

Christopher Chapman, Thinking with Heidegger about Software Usability

Peter Gratton, (NO SHOW) Liquid Rhizomes: Between the Disciplines of Philosophy and Economics

7:00 p.m.

Group Dinner Friday, July 27


David DeMoss,

Neuroscience and Free Moral Agency

Dave Beisecker, Dennett and the Quest for Real Meaning


Patricia Kay Trentacoste,

Why Aren’t ‘Moral’ Humans Moral? An Argument for Considering Personality as the Foundational Link between Character and Context

Rick O’Neil, Narrative Interests and Posthumous Harm

Lunch with Book Discussion: Joe Frank Jones, A Modest Realism:  Preserving Common Rationality in Philosophy—Discussant Stiv Fleishman 2:00-5:00

Stiv Fleishman,

Figuring Out How Tnings Are: What We Do With Logic and Without It

Michael Krausz, Ontology and the Aims of Interpretation: Toward a Constructive Realism

Vera Jakoby, Discourse and Noetic Uncertainty: Ludwig Wittgenstein on Cultural Dialogue